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Your event with us

Catered at night following its fragrance, we loved it and we were loved, finally we remained only more cheerful: the eternal Beauty

Lose yourself in our vineyards and organize your private event welcoming guests among the rows of vines and then enter the ancient rooms: the whole company will be your home. Our experience, professionalism, meticulous attention to every detail are the best means for the perfect success of the reception. Following your instructions, knowing your way of being each event will become a unique memory for everyone!

In the Vineyard, for the

beginning of a new life

To seal an unforgettable moment

Organize the celebration of your wedding, your civil union between the rows of vines, surrounded by ancient olive trees on a Roman road. The ancient stones remind us how two vines have always been united: the olive tree as a sign of eternal peace, the grape as a sign of joy and wish for renewed prosperity

The real "km 0"

A central role in the reception

Wine and food have a central role in the events: the absolute search for freshness, respect for seasonality and the use of raw materials produced by us with special attention to wild herbs. This is for us not only the true km0 but a way of life

The company totally at your disposal

The perfect success of an event is always the result of a perfect synergy, your emotions will guide our professionalism to meet every need, Alberto a great traveler and connoisseur of the world, Fabia with his touch of innate elegance, Antonio in the search for modernity and the staff will create the magic of a reception that will tend not only to perfection ... but to arouse an emotion

Write to us to make your event magical and unforgettable, together

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