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Cooking workshop

Cooking lesson: passion and love for food and nature

Designed and customized for those who want an event where cooking and eating will become a life experience. We do not promise that you will become a great chef, but we assure you that after participating you will remember the passion, curiosity and love for food and nature: sharing will become the greatest gift. Each person in front of his or her station wearing an apron will be personally assisted and guided in the preparation of what in Santa Benedetta will always be the dishes of the heart. Traditional cuisine meets haute cuisine: the season and the territory are witnesses to this. Pasta as the main dish of Italian cuisine, ciambelline with wine from an ancient family recipe as a dessert that warms our hearts, remembering that everything we prepare together we will taste it while enjoying our work!

Cooking demonstration

Traditional dishes

The cooking school will be designed and personalized on your needs, times, curiosity and desire to learn while having fun. An initial introduction and demonstration will make you immediately feel the perfect balance of our cuisine: the atmosphere of ancient recipes with ancient secrets and the elegant contemporary taste

And now... hands on!

Each guest in his own station

The historic cook Sunday strong of her experience, Fabia with her cooking pearls ... this is cooking in Santa Benedetta: the perfect balance between add and subtract, a scent, a drop of excellent wine, a spoonful of fragrant oil, the mint that has been growing for years in the Roman wall ... the perfect balance that only harmony can give!

Take off the apron and raise your glasses!

At the table together, enjoying the final result

At the table together, enjoying the final result. We will leave the apron, rolling pin and kitchen tools, raising the glasses we will toast to the work done: always every end is also a beginning and the school will open its rooms for lunch and dinner

Organize your cooking school

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