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A family production since forever

Cantine Santa Benedetta is the oldest winery of the Castelli Romani. Between Frascati and Mount Porzio Catone our vineyards lie on the gentle slopes that dominate Rome from above. The company's activities have always been managed directly by our family, the roots have been our strength, the starting point on which the continuous innovation has found the fertile ground to express themselves at their best. We have always produced wine and extra virgin olive oil.

Benedetti family

SINCE 300 years

For more than 300 years, from father to son, techniques, secrets, emotions and memories have been handed down, so that nothing is lost

Geographic area


The vineyards of Cantine Santa Benedetta are located within the Regional Park of Castelli Romani. The area, called "Pilozzo", is located on the slopes of the northern slope of the Latium Volcano, formed following the eruptions of the first phase of the volcano, characterized by alternating pyroclastic and lava flows, between 600,000 and 360,000 years ago Terroir



In this area, the territory, formed at the end of the volcanic activity, is characterized by a hilly landscape with altitudes around 300 meters above sea level. The soils boast a natural fertility both chemical and physical due on the one hand to the richness of nutrients accumulated by the degradation of volcanic rocks rich in potassic minerals, on the other hand to the fine grain size that allows to retain water and nutrients but also offers good ventilation

White and red vines

Here, in this land, wine has been produced for 3000 years. The wine of Rome. The tradition brings us back to the production of white wine. For more than 40 years we have been producing red grape varieties, also in this case we do not consider our work a job, but a challenge: to produce the best possible wine every year!

This is achievable only if you live together with the vineyard, you look at it day after day, you look at it and you love it like a son and like a son you know it's not yours, you're just the means to help it grow at its best: whenever it needs your work you'll be there!



Production. Low Production and Traditional and Noble Varieties. The company has about 15 hectares of vineyards and the philosophy that guides us in the production of wine starts naturally from the vineyard: you will never produce a great wine if you do not use excellent grapes, we make wine using only our grapes:

  • Very low productions per hectare (less than 60 q/ha), thanks to strict pruning and green thinning of the bunches

  • Tradtional and noble varieties, preferring native vines such as Bellone and Malvasia Puntinata.

The moment and technique of harvesting becomes fundamental.  What differentiates a wine from a great wine in the world is precisely the moment of ripening of the grapes: only if you live in the vineyard every day you will be able to harvest at the magical moment of ripening, especially in seasons when the weather is not the best



The native grape varieties have always been our point of departure and arrival: Bellone and Malvasia Puntinata as the maximum expression of the territory. Looking at the great international red wines we have chosen three varieties that have already demonstrated in the world their perfect harmony in becoming wine. Also in this case, varieties of very low production and nobility of sensations: Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc and Sangiovese

Olive groves

In addition to the three hundred plants present in the farm there are about 20 hectares of olive groves in Sabina. The production of the oil, now defined as the "prince of haute cuisine", has been a further challenge for us: the very high production costs are combined with low quantities which, however, lead us to results of exceptional organoleptic and taste qualities. The Extra Virgin Olive Oil is certainly the product that more than any other characterizes Italian cuisine: its excellent quality amplifies the deep values and flavors expressed by every dish.

The varieties are those of tradition: Frantoio, Leccino e Carboncella 

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