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A matter of family, always

For more than 300 years, from father to son, techniques, secrets, emotions and memories have been handed down, so that nothing is lost. Walking through the avenues, entering the old farmhouses, we meet the stones polished by the years and the most beloved family objects taking part, with guests, in the feast that always accompanies the union between wine and food

Achille Benedetti

Son of Antonio, at the helm of the farm at the turn of the century, it was with him that the production of wine and oil was consolidated

Antonio Benedetti

It is with Antonio that the modern life of the company begins, graduated in Perugia, specialized in Asti and thanks to him the winery becomes competitive in production and marketing

Luigi Benedetti

With Luigi begins the sale of wine with a more modern organization, not only to Rome but throughout the Italian territory

Lia Benedetti

Antonio's wife, her grace, her poetic vision of life, her unconditional love for family and places: it was with her that everything began to make sense.

The evolution of the cellar

Santa Benedetta is no longer just a place where wine and olive oil is produced and marketed in Italy and especially abroad, but a place where people meet, create, and convey ideas. We decided to open our company and our home to others and make it into a place of meeting: only in this way can wisdom, experimentation with the most modern techniques, love, and unconditional respect for nature come to life at Santa Benedetta

Alberto and Fabia

Alberto, the current owner, after years of training in Italy and abroad has chosen to return to Santa Benedetta; for him sharing has become a way of life. With Fabia all this has become possible and everyday life is not only a challenge, but a feasible project.


The new generation. Alberto's son takes the baton and on the strength of important work experience in catering and wine marketing is the key point between the present and the future

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