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Team Building

Team Building Activities for Companies

Cantine Santa Benedetta is the perfect stage for groups, incentives and business meetings. In these days of involvement of staff of various levels, knowing the needs of the company, our professionalism will put guests in a position to easily achieve the purpose of the initiative. The personalized programs will focus on sharing, collaboration and team motivation, always leaving room for fun and creativity: the vineyards and the naturalistic impact that surrounds us offer endless opportunities

Wine Tasting

Blind tasting of wine, oil, preserves with secret ingredients

Learning to recognize: teamwork becomes fundamental, collaboration the only means to achieve the goal, time the obstacle to overcome! A world of blind tasting that will stimulate the team building activity that can take place outside in front of the vineyard or inside in the old farmhouses. The utmost care in the personalization of the activity will be a prerequisite for a perfect success!

Cooking Workshop

For a unique combination between food, people and nature

Designed and personalized for those who want an event where cooking and eating will become a life experience. The division into teams, the various objectives to be achieved, the times to be respected: our cooking school becomes team building. This is precisely the occasion in which our creativity is best expressed: we will involve our guests and the whole company in programs related to the world of cooking!

Grape Harvest

The grape harvest, in the heart of the company

In the magical period of the harvest (end of August - mid-October linked to changes in seasonal trends) we open our vineyards to guests! Divided into teams we will enter between the rows for the harvest, the time will mark magical moments of joy and with the pressing the real harvest festival will begin!

Cooking Challenge

Morra tournament

An ancient game, from Greek and Roman times

Morra is an ancient game already present in the time of the Greeks and Romans. Much practiced in the Roman taverns where, between a glass of good wine of the Castles and a bite of pecorino cheese, the visitors to the tavern challenged each other. A game that often became a cue for quarrels because of the great incitement that characterized it, a crescendo of commitment, passion and enthusiasm! Precisely for this reason at the beginning of '900, this game became banned by law. Our company, always careful to preserve the ancient popular traditions that risk extinction, has created the opportunity to use morra as a team building activity

Conclusion of team building

Moment of great importance of every perfect team building

Immediately after the end of the work begins what for us in Santa Benedetta is the most important moment: the sharing of the results obtained. The best way to warm the spirits after victory and defeat is to bring them together in a moment of conviviality: an unforgettable lunch or a fabulous dinner. Tasting the excellent wines, toasting, raising the glass, the guests will finally enjoy haute cuisine of the territory!

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